Our Services

We service all events from weddings, to bar mitzvahs to corporate holiday parties and everything in between.

We love arranging weekly arrangements for reception tables or entryways for hotels and businesses alike. The challenge of creating new and exciting floral pieces for weekly installs keeps our creative minds always evolving.

Did I mention that we LOVE arranging bouquets for new born babies?!? AND anniversaries, birthdays and those special arrangements you just felt compelled to send because JUST BECAUSE.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Nature comes in all forms, but in our flower world here at A florae, we seek to always look deep within the intricacies of understanding, not only the beautiful life span of a flower, but how best we can understand how that little flower’s life can beautify your world.

It is by understanding the nature that surrounds us, that we best understand the nature within each one of us.

About A Florae

A Florae is a floral design studio in Colorado specializing in weddings, events and other special occasions. We deliver custom designs throughout Longmont, Boulder County, Denver and beyond.

Our philosophy is simple – to reflect your event through floral colors, drama, excitement and joy.

We understand that ordering flowers and having flowers as a part of your event is a luxury item and is a discretionary expense. That is why we make every effort to arrange our flowers at a level of design that makes a statement of value. It is our design skill and our expertise that you are hiring. All florists can buy the same flowers, but how we arrange them makes all the difference!

A Florae strives to deliver an unconventional perspective in floral decor by allowing natural beauty in flowers to dazzle in delightful designs.

With a touch of rustic elegance and contemporary flair, our designs will help create a stylized vision appropriate to your overall theme.

Our distinctive ability to create exotic designs and extraordinary arrangements allows us to work within a wide range of wedding and event budgets. Whether it’s premium flowers or everyday flowers, we take great pride in considering all the little details to make your request become one of nature’s finest combinations.