Anemones are cup-shaped flowers in rick jewel tones.

The centers are pale green or black. A fresh anemone has a tight, clean center without pollen developing. The petals show good color and are close together. Anemones will open in the light and in a heated environment, and close in the dark or in cooler temperatures. They will also curve or bend toward the light. Keep them in medium light and in a cooler spot to prolong life.

NAMES: Anemone, Windflower.

VARIETIES: A. coronaria are the traditional florist anemones. Single, double and semidouble varieties are available.

COLORS: White, shades of pink and purple, magenta and burgundy. The middles can be pale green or black (even dark navy looking).

SCENT: None.

FRESHNESS: The flowers have clean, tight centers with no pollination. The petals have good, solid color, and are close together, forming a cup shape.

VASE LIFE: 5 to 7 days. Keep anemones in medium light and in a cool spot to prolong vase life.

AVAILABILITY: Available as a cut flower December to May, but the season is primarily spring.

COST: Winter—moderately expensive. Spring—moderately priced.

MEANING: To forsake. This is because it loses its leaves over time. However, in wedding circles the Anemone is widely thought of as a beautiful addition to the bridal flowers because it also means ‘anticipation of change’.

NOTE: Anemones are the flowers referred to as “the lilies of the field” in the Old Testament.

OTHER: Anemones are heavy drinkers, so check the water level frequently.